Toronto Teacher Hack Jam: Web Making in the Classroom

 The Mozilla Foundation is hosting the Toronto Teach Hack Jam on Saturday May 5 and hopes you can make it!  This event, focussed on bringing programming and webmaking skills into the classroom, is a series ofworkshops for teachers and other instructors.  Please join us!

Registration and further information:

Confirmed Workshops:

Introduction to Scratch

Taught by: Heather Payne


Collaborative Story Writing on the Web

Taught by: Laurie MacDougall

Create a collaborative story with your peers using htmlpad and learn some basic HTML along the way!  Explore how the non-linear nature of the web allows for some interesting and engaging storytelling beyond what's possible with pencil and paper.


Digital Social Studies with Google Maps and Javascript

Taught by: Matt Price

Teach your students skills to build a map of local history events.  You don't need to be a javascript guru to do to this --  online code editors make it easy to identify the code you want and tweak it for your needs, even if your coding experience doesn't go much further than .  We'll walk through a lesson plan that you can remix on your own to suit your curricular needs & classroom environment. 


Wikipedia Editing for Credit

Taught by: Rochelle Mazar

One of the best ways to learn something is to explain it to someone else.  Learn how to easily create a wikipedia account and help out the world's largest free encyclopedia by editing, currating and explaining a topic.  Students not only learn how to report on a topic they care about, they also learn skills about participating in a giant online community.


Intro to Collaborative Web Making

Taught by: Laura Hilliger

Gain intros and insight into synchronous and asynchronous Web-based tools. Design interactive homework and get students interacting with each other and your learning objectives by creating collaborative projects that use the Web as the platform. 


Edmodo in the Classroom

Taught by: Shadi Yazdan

The session will focus on how participants can harness the power of social networking through Edmodo to engage students in their learning. Classroom teachers, will learn how to create a 21st Century learning community where the learning does not stop in the classroom and continues even after class with full student engagement. School administrators can learn how they can support their staff develop a professional learning network (PLN) and PD sessions on Edmodo. Participants will also learn how Edmodo can be shared with the parent/guardian communities to promote and communicate school wide news / events and provide additional at-home support.


... and more!  (To be announced in the next few weeks!)

Event details
Saturday, 5 May, 2012 - 10:00 - 15:30
366 Adelaide St. w, Ste 500, Toronto, ON