This working group will help THATCampers record the day's work and continue the day's conversations (see the THATCamp GTA website for additional details on this event.). To create a collaborative editing document for your session, follow these instructions:

1) Create a new etherpad. You will be given a page address automatically (something like,, but you can delete the assigned page name (i.e., fJaHQsGwAV), and replace it with a title that reflects your etherpad's purpose. You should then copy the URL of this page.

2) In the THATCamp GTA DiSc group, select the "create etherpad" option in the drop-down menu at the upper right of the group's page.

3) Fill out the page's title and paste the etherpad's URL in the form. Save the page (the Save button is at the bottom of the page).

Your group's etherpad is now ready for use!


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