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This site contains the first 20 years of the most significant Canadian trade journal documenting the history of the printing and publishing industry.

Canadian Printer and Publisher, which began in 1892 and is still being published today by Rogers Media under the title Canadian Printer Magazine, is the national organ of the printing industry in Canada. It documents the growth and evolution of the trade, during a period of continuous technological and commercial innovation, beginning in the period when machine composition was taking over from hand composition in the 1890s. The journal contains articles on all aspects of the printing and publishing industry and its personnel: practical advice on the craft and business of printing, statistics on all aspects of the trade, discussion of legal issues such as tariffs, copyright and libel, biographies and profiles of leading figures and firms, reports on union activity and trade shows, and actual examples and samples of fine printing of both text and illustrations. Illustrations are a crucial component of the journal, not only those which are part of the editorial content, such as portraits of individuals and illustrations of printing plants, but also those included in the advertisements. The advertisements include those for printers and publishers themselves as well as for the firms which supply machinery, paper, type, and binding supplies and these document in great detail the evolving technologies of their time.


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