Nineteenth-Century British Literary Annuals: An Online Exhibition of Materials from the University of Toronto

Literary annuals had a massive influence on the British publishing market from the mid-1820s through the 1840s. This project offers an introduction to the annuals by bringing together materials from different libraries and collections across the University of Toronto.

Nineteenth-Century British Literary Annuals: An Online Exhibition draws from the impressive holdings of literary annuals at the University of Toronto.  It contains volumes from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, the McLean Collection in the Robertson Davies Library at Massey College, and the Special Collections in the E.J. Pratt Library at Victoria University. Thematically organized virtual cases display books from diverse and dispersed collections and libraries. Each case combines high-quality images and detailed descriptions that introduce users to the different aspects of the annuals that made them popular in the nineteenth century. Viewed in sequential order, the eight cases in this exhibition tell a loose narrative of the development of the annual genre from 1823-1839.

This project was originally conceived to fulfill part of the degree requirements for the PhD Program in Book History at the University of Toronto and was supervised by Professor Deidre Lynch.  Currently, I'm working to recode the project into TEI, so that I can submit if for peer review at NINES.

About the Project
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Server space provided by the Book History and Print Culture Program at the University of Toronto
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May 2009
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Lindsey Eckert