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Mapping Buddhist Sites in Toronto: class project in 2006-07 using Drupal

This year-long course was taught by Frances Garrett in 2006-07, and it involved the creation of 22 websites for Toronto Buddhist communities by teams of students. This was a second-year course with 100 students. All the community sites were organized on a map using Drupal. At the end of the year the class hosted a conference to present the work done. Below is the brief form of the syllabus and attached is the conference program, which describes the project in detail.


University of Toronto Department for the Study of Religion

Representing Tibet

This ongoing project has sponsored the development of, a platform for sharing digital resources about the Tibetan plateau,a partnership between University of Toronto faculty and students, Eastern Tibetan photographers, writers, musicians and ethnographers, and independent scholars.

Funded by a SSHRC Image, Text, Sound and Technology Grant (2009-2011), Principal Investigator Frances Garrett and several students are developing a cross-cultural collaborative model for the interpretation of visual media.

Gold, Statue, Text: Visualizing Movement in Tibetan History

This project is about visualizing the movement of people and things around culturally significant places.

This is a pilot project focused on visualizing the movement of people and things around culturally significant places. Through this research a group of scholars active across multiple disciplines will take the historic Tibetan site of Shalu (Zhwa lu) Monastery as a case study for examining interactions between people, things and places through the creation of interactive, spatial-temporal maps.

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