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OA Week: The Case for Open Data

The Case for Open Data: Why You Should Care

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Map & Data Library | 5th Floor | Robarts Library

Gina Porcarelli, Keith Mcdonald, and Trish Garner, City of Toronto

Jury Konga, Principal, eGovFutures Group

Tracey Lauriault, PhD student, Carleton University and co-founder of (Citizens for Open Access to Civic Information and Data)

Event details
Tuesday, 25 October, 2011 - 10:00 - 14:00
Robarts Library

Blogging in class as a way of recording and continuing in-class discussions

Here is a syllabus for another course that used blogging in a somewhat different way than others posted. (This was back when there was a need to explain what a blog was to students.)


University of Toronto Department of Religion – RLG 236H WOMEN IN ASIAN RELIGIONS

Mapping Buddhist Sites in Toronto: class project in 2006-07 using Drupal

This year-long course was taught by Frances Garrett in 2006-07, and it involved the creation of 22 websites for Toronto Buddhist communities by teams of students. This was a second-year course with 100 students. All the community sites were organized on a map using Drupal. At the end of the year the class hosted a conference to present the work done. Below is the brief form of the syllabus and attached is the conference program, which describes the project in detail.


University of Toronto Department for the Study of Religion

Using blogs as platform for sharing student assignments

This assignment was used for a history of witchcraft and witchhunts in Early Modern Europe. Students were placed into groups and asked to choose a place and date and write about a witchcraft trial in their town of choice. They pretended that blogs existed at the time and used it to write posts from different points of view. The blog platform allowed for the use of multimedia while allowing students to learn a new digital skill. 

Shared by permission of Dana Wessell Lightfoot

Technology in the Classroom

This group is dedicated to sharing tips and resources about using tech tools in the classroom

Gowalla -- Gowalla

A location-based social media service. Users may collect badges and items at various locations, and create and publish "trips" involving locatons found in Gowala's database.

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