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Tools for mining and analysing text

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The MONK project -- The MONK project



TAPoR -- TAPoR -- Text Analysis Port for Research

Text Analysis Developers Alliance -- WikiTADA

The wiki for the Text Analysis Developers Alliance. It includes an introduction to text analysis, and links to a number of projects and tools that members of TADA are involved in creating.

Text Analysis Overview -- Text Analysis Overview

Text Analysis Info is a website that provides information on text analysis and especially software for the analysis of human communication content. This is mostly text, but not limited to text; quite a few of the tools involved can process audio and/or video data.

National Centre for Text Mining -- National Centre for Text Mining (UK)

The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) is the first publicly-funded text mining centre in the world. Although built to cater to the needs of UK scholars, the tools, resources, and information provided are suitable for an international audience.

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